Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guys Night Out

How often do your husbands have a night out with their friends? If your husband is like mine, not very often if at all. Guys just don't always make time for that kind of stuff. Or they might want to but just never set it up and organize it.

Well, we got approved for for the Microsoft's Windows 7 House Party. So I knew it was a prime opportunity for a guys night out (or technically in since they all came to our apartment). We actually received a free copy of Windows 7 to try out and demo and so far we've really enjoyed it!

By the way, I highly recommend signing up for House Party. It's a word of mouth kind of advertising. There are various house parties that you can sign up for. You usually receive a free product as well as coupons and goodies to give away at your party. There's no selling involved it's just a way to try a new product.

So he invited a few guys over and I made some food. I made the Peanut Butter Cup Trifle and Buffalo Chicken Dip.

The guys had fun trying out Windows 7 and talking and eating. They all seemed to have really enjoyed it so we are going to have to do a guys night out more often. I am always getting to go to things with other ladies. We have a monthly Ladies Home Fellowship with church, my friend Wendy does Thursday morning coffee every Thursday, and I have a Mom's Night Out with MOPS about once a month. So I have opportunities but my husband doesn't really have those. I was so glad for him to have his friends over last night.

I really encourage you to plan your own Guys Night Out for your husbands. It's such a wonderful way for us to minister to our husbands. Some great, kid-free quality time with their friends. If you wait for them to plan it they'll probably never get around to it. Take care of everything for them so that all they have to do is be there! It's a great way to love on your husband a little extra. :) They deserve it!

God bless,

P.S. House Party did not pay me for blogging about the party. We did receive the free copy of Windows 7 for hosting the party. All opinions in this post are entirely mine. Thanks!


Beth said...

Aww, you're such a good wife! I bet you racked up some points w/the husband for this ;)

Frances said...

What a great time for your hubby! Having the guys over AND getting to play with a new toy! Good for him. And good for you for making it happen!

Beth said...

We, too had a Microsoft Windows 7 party Friday night. I had build your own nachos and we had a total of 13 extras here--hubby invited the guys from his team and their families. Not all came, but they enjoyed it. I love to entertain and got to meet a bunch of new people!