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Winter Wonderland

The kids went back to school last week, on Tuesday to be exact. I had planned to get to the store last week and make some new things to post on my blog. Well, unfortunately snow changed my plans. I did not leave my house after Wednesday of last week due to the weather. I won't drive in anything like snow or ice. And we had both. I did get out yesterday and went to Food Lion. They had some good deals. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get everything I needed and had planned to go back out today. Only now I am hearing there is lots of black ice out after some precipitation last night/early morning. I'm ready for it to thaw out!

The kids have now been out of school due to weather since Thursday. I honestly don't see them going back tomorrow either. I do love having them home. I just haven't enjoyed being stuck in the house. Not for this long anyway.

It's supposed to get warmer on Thursday. I am ready for it! Bring on the warmer temps!

Heavenly Ham Dip

I'm sorry I don't have a finished picture of this. The kids devoured it before I took a picture. I will make it again soon and take a picture of it but for now I am showing the ingredients.

This is an extremely yummy and addictive dip. I like to serve it with Ritz type crackers. Townhouse, generic brand, anything like that will do. It's so easy to make!

Heavenly Ham Dip
8oz cream cheese (I usually use the low fat one)
1 5oz can of ham
1-2 tbsp dijon mustard (this is to taste, you might want more and you can use reg instead of dijon if you like)

Place all ingredients in a bowl and combine well with a fork. Enjoy!

Happy Eating!
This is being shared at Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.

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Christmas and New Year's

Hi everyone! I am sorry that I have been so quiet lately. We've had a lot of sickness and of course the kids have been home from school so I have been enjoying them. They go back on Tuesday.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Other than spending Christmas eve in the ER with Rocket Boy (it turned out he had pneumonia) it was great! Everyone is well now so that is a blessing!

God bless you all!