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Book Review: Armada

Do you have an avid reader in your household? My daughter could just about live on books alone. LOL She was very interested in reading a book called Armada by Ernest Cline. When it arrived, she was excited to get started reading it. Usually, I review cookbooks and such but this time, my daughter wanted to review this book so I am letting her. Here is her review...

I first heard of Armada by watching a booktuber and it sounded really interesting. I was excited to dive in and get started on the book. However, it didn't quite meet my expectations. The book is heavily based in gamer lingo and I had a hard time following all of it. If you're a gamer, this book might be more up your alley. While the story line was interesting, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I would recommend this book be read at age 14 and above as there was quite a bit of profanity and some other more mature topics in the book.

You can find more about the author here.

Disclaimer: I received this book from…