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I'm baaaack!

I have really missed blogging and haven't really been able to do it lately. After my husband's surgery, we had some major extended family issues come up. Then our youngest got really sick and we were unsure what was wrong with him. He ended up having a UPJ obstruction in his ureter and had to have surgery. Not to mention the tests he had before the surgery to find out what the problem was. We have had a lot on our plate lately and I just haven't had time for blogging. I'm hoping that I can get back into the groove of things now. I missed you all and appreciate the messages I received!

I also lost my job at mother's day out due to the enrollment being down and haven't been able to do much with my independent sales job due to so much going on. So our income has dropped by a good sized chunk. It was a more needed income too, not just extra money for me. It is amazing how God has blessed us this month. So far we've had enough money to cover things this month. A…