Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm baaaack!

I have really missed blogging and haven't really been able to do it lately. After my husband's surgery, we had some major extended family issues come up. Then our youngest got really sick and we were unsure what was wrong with him. He ended up having a UPJ obstruction in his ureter and had to have surgery. Not to mention the tests he had before the surgery to find out what the problem was. We have had a lot on our plate lately and I just haven't had time for blogging. I'm hoping that I can get back into the groove of things now. I missed you all and appreciate the messages I received!

I also lost my job at mother's day out due to the enrollment being down and haven't been able to do much with my independent sales job due to so much going on. So our income has dropped by a good sized chunk. It was a more needed income too, not just extra money for me. It is amazing how God has blessed us this month. So far we've had enough money to cover things this month. As well as a generous individual who got VBS shirts for me and the kids. I was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to get them this year and someone got them for us. I think God was letting me know that He provided a want and that I need to rest assured He will provide our needs. I'm beginning to think this is a journey to learn to depend more on Him. I also don't want to forget to mention the ones who blessed us during Josh's illness. I am so thankful to God and each and every person.

And thank you to all of you who have stayed on as a follower. I was truly afraid I would look and no one would be left. I was so happy to see you all there! Thank you!

I'm going to end for tonight. Tomorrow is our last day of VBS so I need to get in bed soon. Hope you all have a wonderful night!
God bless,


Maria said...

I was worried about you. Glad to hear things are getting better for you and your family.

Glad you are back!

Jena said...

Yeah!!!!!!! I am so glad that you are back. I missed seeing your blog. Can't wait to hear more from you. God does bless us (sometimes in ways we don't even realize). Love ya!