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Birthday Freebies

Hi everyone! I am so sorry that I have disappeared for so long. It's been a rough little bit for us. We had a bad car accident right before Thanksgiving, lots of sickness and snow mixed in there as well. I've just had things going on that didn't allow me to blog like I would have liked. I've missed blogging and all of you very much!

Now on to what my post is really about. Birthdays! Tomorrow is my birthday and all week I have been receiving some wonderful coupons from different restaurants in my email. Most restaurants have some sort of email list you can join. For many of them, you actually receive a coupon for some kind of discount/free food just for joining. Most also send something on your birthday and the anniversary of the date you subscribed to their emails. Plus special email only discounts throughout the year.

I would encourage you to look up your favorite restaurants and see what you can find. These are the ones that I have signed up for. I'm also includin…