Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Star Wars House Party

Have you heard of House Party? It is an awesome site where you can sign up to host parties and receive free products. There's nothing to buy or sell. You just host a party and share info and products. We've been able to do a few so far and it's been a blast. You may remember my post on Guys Night Out where we got to host a Microsoft Windows 7 party.

This time we were hosts for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars house party. It was so much fun! My boys invited several of their friends and we had a great turnout. In the party box, we got 10 Star Wars action figures, tattoos, coupons, Battle Game, and more. The boys had a great time!

My boys are already huge Star Wars fans so they were very excited for this party. I made hot dogs and had everyone bring their favorite snack to share. The kids ate outside and then had ice cream sundaes. They played outside for a bit and then came inside and watched The Clone Wars Season 3 Premiere. They loved it! They also got a chance to play the Star Wars Battle game and really had fun with that. It was just a fun night.

Check out the website and sign up to host a party! They are so much fun to do!

*My opinions are my own. I was given the party pack to host the party but wasn't compensated in any way to right this blog entry. I am merely sharing how much we love the site and the opportunities it gives.

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