Friday, November 6, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping

Do you ever check out your nearby thrift stores? I hadn't much until one of my friends, Wendy told me about a couple of neat ones in a nearby town. We rode with her one day and went and then went again yesterday.

Check out what I found.

A neutral colored Martha Stewart (still in the package) tablecloth for $3

A new fabric show curtain (the tag says Kohls, it was out of the package) $3

I also got Princess a couple of pairs of nice fuzzy warm socks for $1 each and found her a brand new pair of jeans for $4.

I always thought of thrift stores as used items and some are. Which isn't a bad thing, I have no problem buying used. A thrift shop like this is such a neat find though because they carry things from Kohl's, Kmart, etc. Most things are still with tags or in the package. And you can find some awesome deals.

So do you have any thrift stores in your area? Have you explored them yet? If you haven't, I can't encourage you enough to do so! You just never know what you might find!

God bless,


Frances said...

We love thrift stores! You can find such fabulous treasures!

Deb said...

Love! Love! Love!!...thrift stores!!! Any time we need anything that is the first place we look. We can usually find the best stuff there for a couple of bucks or less!

sarah leanne said...

Thrift stores are the BEST! you never know what treasures you will happen upon! :) We also have a lot of "surplus" stores here in Amish country that sell bulk food or damaged boxes for super cheap...a thrift store for's wonderful!

Farwood said...

There is a thrift store across the street from where I work and I love it! I actually bought my wedding dress from there- with tags $30 because it had been a floor model and the zipper broke. I am going to have to write a blog about how much I was able to save buying wedding supplies there.