Friday, October 9, 2009

Grocery Saving Tip: Watch for meat markdowns

Yesterday I went to our local Food Lion. I hadn't been in awhile and decided to check out their meat department. They had several packages of beef marked down and I bought almost every package.

I got:
Top round steak (I think 2.20lbs had sliced into stir fry strips) $3.93
London Broil (1.8lbs) $3.58
Chuck Roast (2.9lbs) $4.96
2 NY Strip steaks (1.6lbs) $3.48
2 packages of cubed steak (about 1 pound each) total for both $4.25
Beef kabob or stew meat (.90lbs) $1.63
For a grand total of $21.83

That should provide at least 7 meals (and should be leftovers for several of those). So if I said 10 meals (including leftovers) that would be around $2.20 meat cost per meal! That is an awesome deal!

Here's a picture of my receipt. Sorry it's not better quality. It's kind of hard to photograph a receipt! :)

It's best to go early and check your stores. Now, I was at Food Lion at about 11:00am but usually most stores have the most markdowns early. So make sure and check your stores and see what good deals you can find!

The chuck roast is now in the crockpot. I'm making Beef Pot Roast with Maple Sweet Potatoes & Cider Gravy. I was inspired to make it after seeing the picture of it on Cooking During Stolen Moments. Doesn't it look absolutely delicious?! I will blog about my results later.

Hope you all are enjoying your Friday!

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ButterYum said...

Congrats on your savvy shopping! I love when I can find a good deal on meat, and Food Lion is one of the best places.

Take care,