Saturday, August 8, 2009

Did you know and a few random things

Thank you all for your comments yesterday! I haven't had a chance to reply to emails/comments since we were gone to Nashville most of yesterday. Hopefully I will get to spend a little time catching up soon! Just know that any email or comment means so much to me!

Yesterday Monkey had his appointment in Nashville. Everything looked good and he goes back in 6 months.

My mother-in-law had wanted to come with us and take the kids to Chuck E Cheese's but didn't feel well. She decided to send the kids money to go. The kids always enjoy it. We don't have one in the town where we live so it's a rare treat for them to get to go.

Did you know, that if you buy the kids cups they sell there (the reusable plastic ones), you can bring them back and use them again and not have to pay for your drink the next time? We now have enough cups for each of us to have one. So yesterday when we went, we didn't have to pay for any drinks. That is a huge money saver!

Also, you can sign up to receive coupons on their website. I think they usually send them once a month. Another way to save if you enjoy going.

I read The Happy Housewife's review on Julie and Julia today. I really want to see this but I've also seen the previews for The Time Traveler's Wife and really want to see it. I'm a sucker for a good romantic "chick flick". Well, the other day my husband asks me if I can find someone to watch the kids and we can go see The Time Traveler's Wife. I was so impressed that he asked me without me having to ask. We'll go to a matinee to save money. We haven't been to the movies in a long time and haven't had a date in a long time either. So hopefully things will work out so that we can go. So since we can only go to one, I think I'll go to the Time Traveler's Wife. I'll catch Julie and Julia at the Redbox.

I'll get to go grocery shopping this weekend! Yay! So I should have some new yummy recipes to post this week. I have several new recipes I'd like to try. I'm hoping to go back to menu planning this week. It really does help and I did it for awhile. I need to start getting back to it.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! School starts back for us on Monday. I'm not really ready to send the kids back. I sure will miss having them here! Monkey will still be here. He won't start until next year. Kids just grow up too fast!

God bless,

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