Monday, July 13, 2009

My first REAL CVS Deal!

I did try this one other week but I don't think I got a good deal so I didn't post it. However, this week was different and I am excited about doing this more often.

Now, since I'm new at this I messed one thing up and had to refund. Plus, there were no signs for any of this stuff so it was hard to tell which thing was the ECB's. I'm sure I'll get better at it each time. Signs being up would have helped as well. :)

Here's what I got:
1st transaction:
2 rulers
1 school glue
Pd with 2 ecb's
OOP total- $1.06
earned $2.97 ecb's

2nd transaction:
3 pks of 8pk pens
pd $2.97 in ecb's
OOP total $0
earned $2.97 in ecb's

3rd Transaction:
pd with $2.97 ecb's
OOP total- $0.02
earned $2.99 in ecb's

4th Transaction:
pd. $2.99 ecbs
OOP total- $0
earned $2.97 in ecb's

5th transaction:
3 1 subject notebooks
pd 2.97 in ecb's
OOP total- $0
earned $2.97 in ecb's

6th transaction:
1 5 subject notebook
school glue
pd $2.97 in ecb's
OOP total- $2.29
earned $3.99 in ecb's

7th transaction:
gain detergent 50oz
pd. $3.99 in ecb's
OOP total- $2.20
earned $2.00 in ecb's

So in all I spent $5.57 for all of that. Plus $2 ecb's to use later. I was pretty impressed!

I did do all of the transactions seperate to maximize my savings and to prevent much from being spent out of pocket. The cashier was very friendly and happy to do so. I just moved out of the way whenever someone came to check out and then would go again after them. They weren't very busy so it worked out well. Can't wait for some more good deals!


Jena said...

Congratulations! That's great! I love to shop at CVS and Walgreens. You can get some really good deals! Last week I signed up for the 50 free prints to new CVS Photoshop Customers, then they had another deal 60 prints for the price of 40. I got 110 prints for $6 plus tax (I had then sent to the store to save on shipping), when I picked them up and paid I received $1.50 in ECB's. (That's like getting 110 prints for $4.5 - that's like getting them for $0.04 a print!) Keep it up!!!!

Maria said...

Awesome job!! Watch out CVS shopping is addictive.