Friday, July 10, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day

Today was cow appreciation day at Chick Fil A. If you dress like a cow, you get free food! So what's a litte humilation for some free food, right? LOL

We went tonight. I got a picture of us before we left the house. Husband refused to dress up. :) Once we got there, my husband and I start laughing so hard. I think he was a little embarrassed to be seen with us! LOL

I decided to go late. We got there at 9pm. I'm thinking, they won't be busy. Well there was quite a few customers in there. None of them were dressed up. So our daughter started getting embarrassed and then our 6 year old did too. The youngest just really didn't mind. LOL

Some younger guys were in there and started asking about the cow appreciation day. They didn't have any cow stuff on but the employees said that they could run around the restaurant, flapping their arms and mooing. That would get them a free milkshake. Okay, I thought it was embarrassing to be dressed like a cow but I'll take dressing like one over that any day! And they did it!

I couldn't convince them to take a group picture at the restuarant but thankfully got one before we left. I did have my husband take a picture of us eating our free food! Well all except little monkey who wanted to play instead. LOL They had removed their spots before they started eating.

I think we'll definitely do this again next year. There was really no cost, except the paper I used. We ended up receiving about $20 or so of free food. That's a good deal to me!

How many of you particpated? Would love to see your pictures!

God bless,


Jenny said...

Not only did you save money and have a meal out, you made a memory with your family. They will tell their kids about it (of course, it will be the cautionary tale of what Grandma forced them to do just to get some dinner).

Another thing you did was give them the example that you shouldn't take yourself so seriously, that it's okay to just be silly once in a while. It is good to enjoy the small things like a free meal, time with family, dressing up and shared memories.

God bless.

Jena said...

Very creative!!!!!!!! You get 2 thumbs up. I wanted to do that and take my boys, but I couldn't think of anything to do and we didn't have any cow costumes (I would have probably been embarrased, but would have done it anyway could I have been as creative as you, not sure if the 2 older boys would have done it and if they had would they have been embarrased or not, I don't think the 2 little ones would have minded.) Great job.