Monday, March 23, 2009

The Virtual Great American Bake Sale- Come join us!

Have you submitted a recipe for the Virtual Great American Bake Sale yet? All of the proceeds go to Share Our Strength to insure that no child goes hungry. Please check it out, help spread the word, and submit a recipe. Read further to learn more.

About The Virtual Great American Bake Sale:

Kate from Cooking During Stolen Moments has partnered with Share Our Strength to hold a virtual version of their yearly Great American Bake Sales held across the U.S. Every year people can sign up to host a Great American Bake Sale in their community with the proceeds going to Share Our Strength. And now, we’re making it virtual!

The Basics:

On April 13th, Kate will be hosting the Virtual Great American Bake Sale at Cooking During Stolen Moments. She will write up a post that includes a link to each participants blog and their bake sale recipe. Readers can go from blog to blog and look over all the yummy selections, just like you would at a real bake sale.

Also on that date, the sale of an ebook (or ebooks) will launch. The ebook(s) will be filled with recipes from the Virtual GABS participants, and anyone else who would like to contribute a recipe. The books will be available for a donation of the purchasers choosing and all of the proceeds will go to Share Our Strength.

How To Participate:

You can participate in one or all of the following ways:

* Submit a baking recipe to be included in the ebook(s). Submit a recipe before April 5th. The recipes will be compiled, and the ebook(s) will be available for purchase on April 13th. You can submit a recipe Here or via email -

* Spread the word! If you have a blog, ask your readers to submit a recipe for the ebook. The deadline for ebook recipe submissions is April 5th. Feel free to copy and paste any information in this post when you spread the word. Make sure you offer your readers either a link to this post" or the email address,, so they can submit their recipes.

* Tweet! Spread the word about ebook(s) and the Virtual Great American Bake Sale through twitter. Please use hashtag #vgabs.

* Participate in the Virtual Great American Bake Sale. If you have a recipe you’d like to share, write up a post, include a link to the ebook purchase page (the link will be available the 12th), and then send Kate the URL to your post by April 12th. She'll post a master list of all the VGABS participants on April 13th.

* Add a button in your sidebar that links to the ebook purchase page.

* Spread the word about the ebook.

Timeline Synopsis

* April 5th - Deadline to submit recipes

* April 13th - Kick off of the Virtual Great American Bake Sale and launch of the ebook(s) sales.

I hope you’ll join us all to make the Virtual Great American Bake Sale a success. Let’s support Share Our Strength’s work to make sure that no child goes hungry!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to

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michelle said...

Thanks for giving me some bloggy love! I just started that blog, and didnt know if anyone would look so its exciting when someone does! My husband is a little picky too! I try to balance what I make for him too, but if it's not something he really likes, I just tell him to get over it because its more for the kids that night! Usually he'll eat it and not complain if all the kids like it! BUT he doesnt like some veggies that I really like, so I never make them. Wah, wah. I guess we (you and I), could just make what we make, and our husbands can try/eat a little, but it could be just for us! ha