Monday, March 23, 2009

Great deal at Food Lion!

I don't buy Pop Tarts a lot but I couldn't pass up this deal at Food Lion. At my local Food Lion they have Pop Tarts on sale for 3/$5. That's not the great deal part though. On the Pop Tarts with Fiber they have $1.00 off one box coupons. So that made them about .67 a box. So I stocked up. That's a great deal! Especially if it can save you on a busy morning from buying breakfast somewhere. They had strawberry and chocolate. Just wanted to share!
God bless,


That Girl said...

so they have peel coupons on the box? Sorry, I am new to this. I may have to go check this out. Sounds like a great deal!

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing!! I will have to check that out.

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

Yep, it's right on the box. Makes them super cheap. :)
God bless,