Sunday, March 29, 2009

Frugal Semi-homemade Pizza

I just have to share with you what we had for lunch today. Our local Kroger's had (and I think they still do this week) the Pillsbury Pizza Crust in the refrigerated section 4/$5. Then when you buy 4 you get an extra $1 off so you get them for 4/$4. But on top of that, our Kroger had those little coupons in the refrigerated section for .75 off three refrigerated products (excludes cookie dough). So that made them 4/$3.25. So about .80 per pizza crust.

So we made pizza for lunch today. One for hubby and one for me and the kids. I would have taken a picture but my battery is dead so I have to wait for it to charge. So sorry about that.

Here is a cost breakdown for the pizzas.

2 cans of dough $1.60 for both
1 and a half cans of tomato sauce (garlic flavored) .50
italian seasoning (just sprinkled it over the tomato sauce) maybe .10
3 cups of cheese $1.50 (this is on sale at a local store for 1.00 for an 8oz bag)
mushrooms on half of one of the pizzas .50 (also on sale for $1.00 a package)
ground beef about 1/2-3/4 a pound ($1.50)

Total cost for 2 pizzas $5.70
Not too bad for a quick lunch and definitely tastes better than frozen pizza. This normally would be something we'd have for dinner over lunch. However, I wanted the kids to have a bigger lunch because we have the Fireproof bible study tonight so we won't be back home to do anything for dinner until 7 or later.

Happy cooking!
God bless,

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Jena said...

That's really great! I like homemade pizzas too, but they usually cost more than frozen. Great job.