Monday, March 16, 2009

Corn Cakes

I made these corn cakes last night. They were really yummy. I didn't measure or go by a recipe so I will tell you what I did.

I put some corn meal mix in a bowl (not the jiffy type mix but regular cornbread mix, Martha White brand). You can really use as much as you want. I probably put about 3-4 cups in there.

Then added one egg and a bit of salt. I then added milk, a little at a time until it was a thick cornmeal batter. Thicker than you'd want it for cornbread.

Then I added about a 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese to the batter. Some green chilis and/or corn would be great added to it also.

Fry in a nonstick skillet over medium heat in a bit of oil and butter. I put about 1/2 a cup of oil and 3 tbsp of butter in the pan at first but they soaked up quite a bit of that and I refused to add any more. LOL So they ended up just cooking in the pan with no oil and did just fine. So you definitely would need a nonstick skillet to not have to use the oil. I still would use some on the first round just to get the skillet nice and slick.

My five year old LOVED these and devoured two. I made 7 larger sized and 2 smaller sized cakes. We even have leftovers. So that made plenty for dinner and extras even.

Everything else was from a can, frozen or boxed so this is the only recipe I have for today.

Have a blessed day!
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