Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bargain Meal of the Week- Food Lion

Bargain Meal of the Week
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Welcome to the second installment of the Bargain Meal of the Week. I am enjoying this and hope you all are too. Check out even more great recipes and bargains at 5Dollar Dinners!
Food Lion's ad looked pretty good this week. I definitely would encourage you to check your local ad.

I have three meal ideas this week.....

Meal #1
Country style pork ribs $1.49 a pound

I would get about 3 pounds. It been awhile since I've fixed ribs and you have to account for the bone in these. Then a bottle of barbeque sauce. I can usually find one for $1. Pour the sauce over the ribs and bake in the oven 300-350 degrees until nice and tender.

Serve with your favorite recipe of Mac n cheese and a side of green beans.

Meal #2
Chuck roast $2.59/lb 2 pounds ($5.20)
To Make Shredded Beef Chimichangas

Meal #3
fresh roasting chicken .99/lb 3.5 pounds ($3.50)

Cook the chicken in the crockpot.

Debone the chicken and use it for Creamy Chicken Noodle Bake.

You can also make homemade chicken broth/stock with the chicken carcass. Then use this to make your own chicken noodle soup or chicken with rice soup.

The whole chicken is the most economical choice since you can do more with it.

More to come next week!
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