Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Awesome deal at the Dollar Tree!

I had to drop off my husband's prescription at Walgreen's yesterday. He started the sinus/ear infection on Monday of last week and his ear is still infected. So they gave him another round of antibiotics.

The Dollar Tree is right behind Walgreen's so I thought I'd go look around while I waited for his medicine.

I usually look down all of the aisles. You just never know what you may find. There sitting in the food aisle were Campbell's Cream of chicken and mushroom soups. The healthy request kind. That's all I ever buy so I was excited to find it for a $1 a can. It can be around $1.50 and I rarely find it on sale. I decided to pick up a few cans to have on hand. I do want to start making my own cream of soups eventually but thought this was a great opportunity to stock up.

I'm sure items available can vary by location, but it just might be worth a trip to your local Dollar Tree to check. You never know what you might find. :)
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The Happy Housewife said...

I have a friend who gets a lot of her groceries from the dollar tree, I need to stop in sometime and see if I can find a deal.